About us

At Green Box Drinks we are very proud of our 'green' innovation.
We are the only spirits company that supply great tasting products in such a sustainable way.
Element 29 Vodka and Boxer Gin are packed in 8.4 L 'bag in box' reservoirs.
These reservoirs are used to re-fill our frosted, silk screened service bottles.
 This innovation reduces packaging by 95%, cutting transported weight by 45% and transported volume by 63%.
The carbon cost of producing and recycling glass are completely avoided.
This green innovation also makes our spirits great value.

The world first refill spirits are 3 times better than recycling:
Producing a new glass spirits bottle produces 630g of carbon Dioxide.
In the UK clear glass production uses 25% recycled content.
Recycled glass saves 33% vs the carbon cost of new glass.